cor·rect (ke-'rekt); adjective:  conforming to an approved or conventional standard or agreeing with fact, logic, or known truth

No one is quite sure how we got here, but those of us who persue a "correct" restoration of a vintage VW all agree: "function" is not the whole of it.....

The fact that parts from so many different years of VWs are interchagable (and even different models), and that so many vehicles were produced, hasn't helped the vintage purist.  For millions of people, over decades in time and miles of roadways, a door was a door, a headlight a headlight, and a newer, bigger engine was usually a bonus. 

But times, philosophies and the number of nice early VWs still around have changed.

Today, many realize that rust and neglect and "modification" have taken more of these early icons of German automobila than we would like, and for our own, the time is now to take them from everyday, disposable vehicles, to the shining replicas of a time long ago that they deserve to be.

Our goal at ZAR Werks is to provide the hobbyist with parts that are as good, if not better, than the originals. Parts that can become part of your restoration effort, and that meet your own high expectations....

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